TTC with PCOS & Letrozole. OPK pos?


Hi all! I have been TTC for 2 years with my husband. Recently my OB took CD#3 bloodwork and started me on letrozole CD#3-#8. I am on CD#11 now and this is my OPK. My recent bloodwork confirmed I wasnt ovulating on my own hence the reason I have never gotten an OPK this dark the whole 2 years I was trying. I have been on provera, metformin and a thyroid medicine for a while now. I go back on CD#21 to do bloodwork to see if I did ovulate with this dosage of letrozole. Which will be October 2nd. I am curious if you all think this OPK is positive? Also, just looking for a friend through this whole process. Maybe someone who is going through something similar and would like to exchange info or just talk on here. But just input on if you think this is positive will help me greatly!

Thanks and good luck to all in your journey!