Decluttering clothes

I am having such a hard time decluttering my wardrobe. I had watched the Marie Kondo shows on Netflix and read her book. I was so eager to get my house back in order using her method. But I’m having so much trouble! I put all of my clothing in one room to go through but every time I get the energy to start I end up getting overwhelmed and not doing it. I have a ton of clothes I haven’t worn in years. But after having my daughter a year ago I have not been able to lose the extra weight I gained while pregnant with her. I think the reason I’m struggling so much to get rid of clothes is because I’m unhappy with my weight and hope to get back down in size. So right now none of my clothes really fit and I have no money to buy more. So if I get rid of them I’m worried that I won’t be able to buy more once I do lose the weight. Also any tips on getting motivated to lose weight when your overwhelmed with mommyhood would be awesome. Thank you in advance :)