So we are in the final weeks before baby #2 comes and I’m starting to get anxious about what our nightly routine will be... currently our 2 1/2 year old co-sleeps in our room. She had been sleeping in her own room/crib but the last 2 months she has made her way into our bedroom and I’ve just given up on the situation... but now that baby #2 could arrive anytime now I’m starting to stress about how the baby might affect my daughters sleep if she continues to be in our room. We have a Halo bassinet for Baby#2 which is going to be right beside my bed. I’m just curious if any other moms who have more than one child have dealt with this? Any tips or anyone going through this also? I know it’ll probably all work out/ we will find our routine but it’s literally keeping me up at night thinking about it...🤦‍♀️