Could this be early signs?

Trace • I have a 18 y.o. Boy. 13 y.o. Girl. Ttc since 2015. Miscarried Mar 2016/May 2018/Oct 2019/Apr 2020/Apr 2021/Nov 2021/Aug 2022/Dec 2022/May 2023. Ttc our 🌈 baby.
Ok so I'm only 5 dpo. But been having odd things. Cramps at time bad. Could care less to eat some foods that I was craving two days ago. I feel tired just no energy or ambition to do anything. I'm frequently getting light headed with sudden movements or getting up. And some nauseousness but seems to happen later in the day? And I've been peeing none stop.  Thanks for any input 😉 when should I take a test?