Can I just vent for a minute?


I’m so aggravated I’m about to cry.

Baby is SO TIRED. He is fighting naps. If he does fall asleep, he sleeps maybe 30 minutes before waking up screaming mad. And all but one nap was while I held him. Baby wearing didn’t work. Going out to our porch swing didn’t work. Rocking chair didn’t work. No Taking Cara Babies tips worked. Not even nursing him out him to sleep.

My shoulder is killing me, my wrist on my dominant hand is so sore (anyone else have “mother’s thumb”?), I’m hungry because I have barely had time to eat, or pee, or have just a second alone.

My husband is working late tonight and gets to see the chiropractor after work. By the time he’s home it’ll be bath time and bed for baby, so that’s on me too.

Bad days happen. It’s ok to be frustrated. My baby is doing al the right baby things. But damn. Some days are just long and hard.

I’m so done with today. Can someone please send me a margarita? 😂