Dealing with breakup help

Okay so we've only started dating two months ago but it felt like it was a lot more than that. The problem is, he's leaving to a different city in two months time for his placement.

We recently talked about it and he is apprehensive about long distance relationships. He told me he can't do it as he would be busy and long distance isn't for him.

At first I thought that it would be better to break up with him now, but then we kind of compromised that we can still spend the next couple months together before breaking up.

This break up is so hard because none of us did anything wrong. My previous relationships I've always been cheated on or they had been abusive, but he is the only person who understands me and treats me with much love.

How should I deal with the break up? When it feels like we were right for each other but the circumstances don't let us?