Teenage dating

There's this guy I really like his a football players. I think he likes me but I don't know. Every time he sees me in school he call my name and smiles to me, yesterday I went to tutoring he was there when I was doing my work he got really close to me like he was about to kiss me and was smiling at me we made eyes contact We have been friends since 8th grade. This  year when I started high school he had class with me I had this really pretty ring and almost everyday he would ask for my ring and then like 5 minutes after he would ask me for my hand and ask me to marry him, of course I had yes it was playing.Now we don't have class together but everytime he sees me he smiles and hugs me. I love his smile it drives me crazy.I also don't know if he like me because he seem like the kind of guy that's kind of always with girls.He hasn't ask me out I'm I reading the signals wrong 😥😥😍🤔🤔