FTM question about labor

Macey • I'm 18yrs old second pregnancy first child a boy. Who should be arriving around December 4th 2015, his name is Patrick James Noonan and daddy and I are still together.
So about two nights ago I was in the hospital having contractions and thought my water broke but it hadn't. They checked me and I was dialated one centimeter at 36.3 days. I am now 37.6 days and last night I was spotting a little last night (possibly from my cervix being checked or softening,) and I've been losing parts of what I think are my mucus plug for a couple days now and I think a big chunk came out not to long ago but my water still hasn't broken and I'm not having any contractions at all. Has anyone ever had this happen and if so when did you end up actually going in to labor and having your baby? My doctor has been saying I'll probably have him early for a while now as well. Thank you in advance!! :)