Find your cycle buddy here - March

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(The old thread was getting a bit cumbersome.)

This is just a convenient place to quickly locate a cycle buddy.

A cycle buddy is someone who will provide support and encouragement during the month ahead who is testing around the same time as you. To find the perfect buddy please give a few details about yourself.

Alternatively, read thru the tread and if someone matches your cycle – respond to them directly and tell them about your cycle and ask to be cycle buddies. 

Example:  "Kathy (Age 32) - TTC: Month 9 - I'm cycle day 20 - testing on 3/15. Who wants to keep me sane?"

Once you find a cycle buddy or two or three - please have one of you start a *new discussion* with the test date in the title. Example: New discussion: "Cycle Buddies – Kathy, Jane and Jennifer" or "Cycle Buddies - Testing 3/15"

Also please note that if a discussion between cycle buddies has existed for a while (has more than 100 responses in it), please respect that it belongs to the few women who are participating in that discussion and do not jump in unless specifically asked to join. Having a cycle buddy is a very delicate support system and it does not work if people join in late in the cycle. We really appreciate your cooperation on this.

Thank you!