Is it okay to have sex with your boyfriend (he may or may not be the one you'll marry) or only ir you are already married?

So I want to hear some opinions about this. I lost my virginity a year ago to my ex, we broke up several months ago, and now i'm with someone else. My mom found out I lost my virginity and she just freaked out, i'm 21 by the way. She would make me feel guilty about having sex, saying that I should only do it with the man I'll marry. Now that i'm with someone else, she told me "so this is how it's gonna be? I understand you M

made a mistake once but again? So you're gonna have sex with every boy you're gonna be with?" She is very conservative and I always listen to her and accept her advise, but in this case i think that having sex with my boyfriend isn't as Bad as she says. Weve been dating for a month and i don't know yet if he might be the one ir not, but I really feel that connection with him and I love him. What do you think?

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