Neighbor poison our dog 💔


My parents moved in into a new home it’s going to be 1 year now. There’s one more house next to them since its a ranch. Well an uncle lives there has a dog his name was Rocky. The other person is the nephew they have another dog his name is Coco (his hardly out) well as time passed my sister , brothers everyone in my family fell in love with Rocky he looks scary at first when you meet him but he was the sweetest dog ever when ever I used to visit my family he would come towards my car and he loved my kids , my kids loved him. Rocky loved going over, my mom would feed him give him water treat him like he was ours. My step dad would play with him. My brother loved wrestling with him since he was a big boy their was times i would be there and he would even sleep over. He was our dog, he was our family now. Everyone loved him. Well recently his owner left idk where his a very nice guy took care of Rocky like his baby. Well his nephew is not all there cause he uses drugs. Well he hasn’t been here and Rocky like any other day would go over and I remember seeing the nephew going over to our home and getting Rocky he took him. My siblings kept insisting that they had a feeling he was giving the dog something because he would get sick. (Again we couldn’t do much because he wasn’t our dog) well yesterday my brother said Rocky was dead I was sooo sad he wanted to cry we all did. He said they found him next to the road. They think the nephew had something to do with it. Because since his owner wasn’t here the nephew would be like “oh Meño (owner) told me to take him” so we would let him go. Well now my family is going to burry him and my parents we’re soooo pissed I never liked one of the nephews since the day I meet him. And I can’t believe Rocky is no longer with us 💔🥺🥺😖

RIP. We miss you so much 😖