Am I weird for wanting to get married early?

So, my boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years and we are currently long distance. I see him about once a month for a week at a time and everytime we have to leave to go back home we both break down crying because it hurts just to separate. We video chat and text constantly and there has never been a dull moment in our relationship. Both of our families tease us cause we are apparently combined at the hip. I know this sounds cheesy but He is literally my best friend and boyfriend combined.

We have discussed moving in together and are currently going to school in order to make more money to make that dream happen. We have talked about a future together and he says he wants kids and marriage with me, he just wants it a lot of years later from now.

(He is about to be 21 and I am 20)

Is it weird that I’m already wanting to get at least engaged, i don’t really want to wait that many years... if I had to though I would because I love him. Do you think I’d be rushing into marriage if I got engaged? Also, do you think I’m thinking way to far ahead and should take things slower?

Part of the reason I want to get married early is because I want kids with him and I personally want children while I’m younger so that I am not that too old as they age. I want to be married before I have kids. I am already mentally and emotionally ready for kids but I’m not financially ready cause I’m still in school but I want to have kids around 24-25 years old.

Thank you if you read all this!