Second time pregnancy not feeling movement


Hi all, so this is stressing me out a lot and no matter how much my midwife reassures me, I still keep freaking about it. Has anyone else had it where in their second pregnancy, they didn’t feel their baby move until later than in the first pregnancy? I’m a bigger size than I was last time in general. With my first pregnancy I was really lucky and felt flutters about 16 weeks and a first proper kick when I was 20 weeks. I’m 19 weeks now but still not feeling much. Occasionally I feel a slight tickle but nothing as strong as I remember them being the first time round. Also, when they scan me or use the doppler I feel like I feel her wriggling around but when I feel around on my tummy, I’m not sure I can feel the same thing. Any tips on how to stress less or has anyone had the same thing and their baby was ok? Or any tips on how to feel movement more at 19 weeks?