7 wks 5 days worried 😧


How are you guys I hope everyone is doing well I have a pretty concerning question so I am currently seven weeks and five days pregnant for the past two weeks I have been having severe morning sickness and extremely sore boobs. My morning sickness has become so severe at one point I literally had to go to the emergency room because my doctors office was closed and I urgently needed medication. Yesterday it was new for me I was feeling just only a little bit nauseous but nothing incensed and then I noticed that my breast weren’t hurting as much as the night grew I noticed that without the medication I was feeling better. Is this normal or OK that my pregnancy symptoms are slowly starting to disappear? I’m just worried because I had a miscarriage in January. This doesn’t feel the same at all I don’t have any bleeding or any cramps nothing hurts I go to the doctor Thursday for my first ultrasound. Please tell me about your experiences