Talk to me about SCH...

Kerry A

Hi Ladies

I’m 9 weeks 1 day. Week 6 I started spotting and they found a fair sized sub chorionic hematoma. Approx 20mmx10mm. They said rest up but don’t worry.

Week 7 I had a huge a tap.... Huge clots. Called clinic and they said I was having a miscarriage and basically wait for bleeding to stop and come for scan tomorrow. The bleeding got worse, I started being sick, got a fever and having horrific cramps. I was rushed into hospital. They removed clots that were stuck on my cervix (horrifically painful, thank the lord for morphine). They also said I had sadly miscarried. I had a scan in the morning to see if I needed surgery to remove anything left over, to everyone’s shock there was little nugget happy as Larry. Heart beat fine, baby fine...everyone floored! BUT the sch was bigger now 41mmx15mmx22mm so doubled in size. I was ordered to go onto strict bed rest. I had another scan last week (8weeks), clot still there but they said it looks a bit better. I’m now week 9 and I’m still bleeding. So I have bled everyday since week 6. It’s not heavy and it’s brown blood. The last few days it’s been quite light but today it’s got heavier again. Has anyone experienced this? I feel like I’m going to be on bed rest forever!! I’m constantly anxious that I’m going to miscarry as clot is above baby. Had any one got a positive story or had a large clot that’s healed?

Thank you for reading xx