Struggling with supply


I'm really having a rough time with breastfeeding this time around. We did supplement with my first, but I feel like I'm producing even less with my baby boy now. I'm averaging around 2 oz when I pump every 3 hours at work... and I can't pump more often than that or for longer than the 15 to 20 minutes I take each time.

I'm drinking lots of water. I have to use the bathroom every hour, I'm drinking so much. I'm eating lactation cookies and brownies and lots of regular food and snacks for overall calories.

I'm getting so stressed out over all of it and feeling like crap because he's lower than 1% for weight and the doctor has been worried about him not getting enough calories. He'll nurse on both sides when we're home and still seem like he's hungry and get upset enough that he won't latch on (but will take a bottle)

I feel like my boobs are defective and I'm ready to just give up breastfeeding because it's causing me MORE stress than I already have from everything else in my life.

Just needed to vent, I guess...

(Also tried fenugreek... upset my stomach and made him really really fussy, so I stopped before I could tell if it would help my supply... doesn't really help overall if he starts crying the moment he starts nursing)