Implantion bleeding ?


so i need help 🥺

i just conceived two months ago, and this month i realized i was late on my period, i can always tell when i am about to begin because i cramp and always extra hungry and my weight is always off. and i never catch my period being light ever it’s always heavy. so i took a pregnancy test that morning and it was positive, but we hadn’t had sex until October 31 and November 1st, and my last period was October 8. so my period should have began 6 days ago, today i woke up and spotted light pink on my tissue after wiping and made a doctor appointment right then.. they tested me later today and just said i was having my period, but this bleeding is light and not like any of my periods and i have read where you can have implantion bleeding before a positive pregnancy test.. i want to believe that my test was negative because it’s still so early and that was not my first urine of the day like the faint positive i got at home.. i also went from 10 am-5pm with no spotting on my pad just the tissue, and now i am spotting lightly but no flow.. does anyone believe i may be pregnant or did i get my hopes up for no reason 💔