My beautiful blessing in disguise 🤍


Hi Momma’s 🤍 I just wanted to share my little personal testimony here because I’ve been bursting at the seems with awe over this!

The testimony starts off on quite a sad note... my beautiful bulldog named Blossom passed away September 14th. I’ve had this sweet soul beside me for nearly 8 years, even before the thought of children had ever entered my mind(I’m a momma of a 5yr old and a 2yr old). It was one of the most heart wrenching things I’ve been through. Looking back there were some small events leading up to it that were in a sense preparing me for the event, which is amazing in and of itself.

Moving on to the day after her passing my mother in law came over and said she had this vision of Blossom ascending to heaven on a lotus flower as happy as can be. I thought that was an absolutely beautiful image but we didn’t read much more into it.

To preface, I have always felt like God was going to bless my womb once more and then our family would be complete. Almost exactly two weeks after Blossom’s passing we come to find out that my husband and I are expecting!!!! I felt in my heart instantly that this was all done in God’s perfect timing. We confide in my mother in law about the news that we’re expecting once more, and she later calls us(you can hear the excitement on her voice.) Reflecting on her vision she looked up the meanings of the lotus flower.... and one of its meanings is fertility!!!! Based on the dates alone we would have likely conceived around the time that my sweet girl went to heaven. This all has given me such peace and has utterly blown my mind.

I miss my sweet sweet girl everyday and I’m brought to tears as I write this, but I am left in awe and so beyond thankful for this blessing.

Thank you to anyone that stopped to read, and blessings to all you Momma’s!