Potty training help!!


My daughter is 28 months old now, and I've made numerous attempts to potty train to no avail. She knows when she has used it in a diaper that it need to be changed. She has even run to the potty& had accidents on the floor,but it let me know she gets it. She has now started screaming about having to use the potty. Also for three days in a row she has dug crap out of her diaper into the bed with her. Today she had it out on my bare mattress (laundry day). It was so awful. I change her very often, even if she's just peed once. She will go to another area out of sight to do her business, and immediately starts digging. Yuk!!

Has this or something similar happened to anyone else? Does anyone have some useful tips or advice on the subject of potty training a little girl? I need some help. I'm so tired of cleaning up poo.☹🤢