His Ex-Wife Is Getting on my Nerves❗❗

She called him last night and said that she doesn't want her children around me.

She knows about our relationship (which isn't new)... He claims to not know how she got my information but she apparently told him that she's going to come to my place with a few girlfriends to fight me.

Idk why!! Honestly, I don't care. I told him that if he wants this relationship he needs to check her! Their children love me! A few hiccups here and there but nothing bad. I don't participate in him disciplining his children or say anything (I would if I felt abuse was involved but there isn't).

I've stayed out if their drama. I don't talk to her. I keep my distance. I don't bring her up but I'm just about fed up with her bullshit. I think because she can't get to him, she's now trying to get at me to spite him. I told him that she may want to rethink that because I'm not the one to try!!

It all boils down to her leaving their marriage and assuming he'd fight to keep her around. He tried and she said no so he filed for divorce. She signed the papers!! He later moved on. Idk why she wants to come at me but he needs to intervene and correct her. I can understand if she said she wants to have a conversation with the woman he's with about their children. I respect that and would be 100% willing but THIS is more personal than just her children.

What would y'all do in my situation?

I'm considering walking away because I don't deserve this. This b.s and having to protect myself against her threats. His stand point is... If she's looking for a fight then give her one! I feel disrespected because he said that. I don't feel protected by him at all but I want to be sure I'm not overreacting.

Thanks for your input.

@Jay... Shut up! A little tension? This woman has BEEN making threats. I said nothing. Not even in return to bash her. Immature? What the fuck ever!! I never said it would be easy to leave the kids but if someone is making threats on my life and my children (I have 2 myself) then I'd be fool to wait around see if she's forreal!! I've been accepting of his children and his ex until now. I was hoping someone like you would comment because for some reason it's people like you who try to make someone like me feel bad for not wanting to deal with such a situation. I've been putting up with her bullshit honey. She's taking it too far I've been a grown woman about mine ALL DAY! And no, I don't sound immature. You want me to though...😒

@Melanie... She is 37. He's 33. I'm 30.