Lied about age

My bf and I have been seeing each other almost 2 years. I’ve met his family we’ve connected over the lost of our parents. Like he waits on me and caters to me when we are around each other. All the things you would want in a guy right? Well this thanksgiving we were at his mom’s house. He had left to visit other family and his mom was intoxicated and revealed he was not 28 as he had told me but actually 34. I’m 29. So the entire time he lead me to believe he was younger. It’s such a stupid lie and I’ve been on the fence on what to do. We talked extensively about it. He says he felt ashamed where he was in life. I’m still figuring my life out so I could never judge him for that so I’m pissed. He isn’t a bum he works two jobs just doesn’t pay well. His own insecurities to deal with. I’m so mad. My family loves him especially my niece and nephew. We have travelled many places together. Yet he lied. It’s such a stupid thing to lie about. I asked him does his friends know (his roommate). He said “I think so” and I told him call him right now. Speaker was on and I asked him how old he was. He said 28 right? I was like oh okay. So you need to come clean to them too! That’s so dumb. He claims everything else about him is the real him just that. I hate wasting my time it feels like a dream I wish I could wake up from. He said he will tell his friends in person.