Is it considered anxiety if you’re irrationally afraid of losing someone close to you, pretty much all the time?

I’ve suffered with these fearful feelings nearly all my life. It always seems to surround the person I need most in different times of my life (it was my mom when I was a child; it’s my husband now that I am an adult)

It affects me so badly I sometimes can’t eat or sleep & just want to cry. It’s ridiculous and irrational because everyone in my life is equally “at risk” of having an accident, illness, etc ...yet I can’t seem to shake these dark thoughts that relentlessly creep in.

Is this considered anxiety?

How do I deal with these feelings and thoughts? I try to rationalize & distract myself, but it only helps so much... they always come back...

Does anyone else experience this? How do you cope? I don’t want to be alone.. 😭

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