Lost my mucus plug and dropped

Sorry for the long post.

I'm 30+4 weeks pregnant with #2 and high risk due to diabetes, depression and schizophrenia. I've been going through a bit of stress for the past few weeks due to my sister getting married and being bridezilla. 3 days ago (wedding day), I lost my mucus plug and didn't think much of it since I've heard that it can regenerate itself. I went to the wedding ceremony and felt very uncomfortable and hot despite the fact that we sat in a not so crowded space and cushioned chairs. At the reception I started getting dizzy and anxious due to everyone sitting so close that it made me feel claustrophobic. I walked outside for a few minutes and instantly felt better. We decided to go home since my autistic husband was getting overstimulated by the lights and sounds. I spent the next 2 days on bedrest because I felt very uncomfortable and crampy. My glucose levels were going crazy high and I was running to the bathroom every 30-45 minutes. I felt like I was bruised all around my stomach area because the baby was doing flips.This morning I got up to use the restroom and noticed that I was very low. I asked my mom if she thought I had dropped and she said I definitely had. I'm still feeling very crampy but they feel a bit higher than they should. I also have very bad back pain and a little bit of pressure on my pelvis.

I see my MFM tomorrow afternoon. Should I tell her then or go into L&D to get checked? I live about 45 minutes from the hospital and have to share a car with my husband and find a babysitter for my other son.