After 16 months TTC, this is it! 😍


After coming off BC in June last year, because I couldn’t be on the combined pill anymore and the mini pill didn’t agree with me, it wasn’t until August, just before my 27th birthday, that we decided we’d start TTC.

I hate the word fiancée, but my fiancée and I had originally planned to wait until we got married before TTC, but a throw away comment from my GP about not putting off TTC until too late made us realise we were ready for a baby now.

Little did we know it would take 16 months!

We are both healthy, I’m now 28 my fiancée 31. No medical conditions, don’t drink, don’t smoke.

After 12 months TTC with no luck, We had initial fertility tests which confirmed I was ovulating and sperm analysis was good. We’d been referred for <a href="">fertility treatment</a> on the NHS but there was a long waiting list to be seen.

This month we started to consider private <a href="">IVF</a>. And then this happened!

I honestly thought I’d never see a second line on a pregnancy test! And now I’ve got digital confirmation too 😍.

I’m about 3w6d today. I really hope this little poppy seed stays safe and healthy 🤞🏻the full 9 months.

They should be arriving in August 2021, on the 2 year anniversary of us starting this journey. Just before I turn 29.

I know what a rollercoaster TTC can be, and I’m sending baby dust and wishing luck to everybody 🧚