Check in 12/1(+/-)

B • TTC 4 years. 3 rounds IVF 👼; 4 embabies on ice ❄ 3 PGT normal XX, XY, XY

Holy shit! It's December 🤯🤯. I am staying near my clinic still and we are getting snow here in WV today. This really makes my heart so happy 😍. I love me some Winter weather!

How are you all? Seeing some good and bad news in the group threads. We see you no matter what and we are here for it all ❤

I pulled the trigger last night at 2030. Can't wait for tomorrow. My clinic only opens on the weekend for special cases and emergencies but I am hoping that their lab staff will call with a day 3 update and not leave me hanging until day 5 😬. I hate this part of the process. All of the waiting and wondering is torture!