37 weeks with covid :(

This is long:

Im 37 weeks and tested positive for covid-19. I'm feeling ok, I just can't smell or taste. Im a SAHM and I was hesitant to have guest for Thanksgiving. Hubs insisted. My MIL ended up coming by herself and got a rapid covid test Thursday the week before Thanksgiving. It was negative and she showed up on Saturday. Sunday she started feeling sick and was down until Tuesday. Wednesday I got the same symptoms and was out for a few days. On Monday I got the regular covid test and tested positive. I told her to get a regular test and she got the rapid one again and it was negative. (Im convinced i got it from her but maybe not). Either way this opened my eyes to how reckless she has been during the pandemic. Oh and the past 2 Christmases she has given my husband and I the Flu.

So.....Im due in 3 weeks and she is supposed to watch my 2 year old while I'm in labor but I just don't trust her. While she was here she told me she doesn't wear a mask in the bar and she goes 2-3 times a week. She left my house on black Friday because she had a birthday party to go to at the bar. Also, even though her results were negative she is supposed to quarentine for 14days. She runs her own business and works from home so it is do-able. I called her last night to check on her and she was chilling in her house with 2 friends tonight without masks. She said "they came to check on me and they aren't worried about covid". Like thats supposed to make me feel better. My parents are supposed to come for Christmas and stay for two weeks to help with the baby. I know I cant control peoples lives but is it wrong to still have my parents come and tell her no?