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Guys... this is so hard!!

I was exclusively pumping up until the end of last week due to a lovely clogged duct.

Baby was the only solution to get the the thing drained. Well I realized she is much more content when she is breastfeeding rather than the bottle, plus I was having a huge oversupply.

Even now I will pump enough for 5 or 6 feeding in one session.. its ridiculous and im running out of freezer space so I need to slow it down foenmy own sanity.

So if I breastfeed, that cuts those pump sessions down.. but damn it's just hard. The nip pain is back and my fear of shes not getting enough as she would the bottle and the thought of her not taking a bottle at night for the hubby or when my boobs need a break.

Right now she is doing alright with the combo but is anyone else doing both???