5wk5d bleeding w/edits!

Nikoletta • 4/23/12❤ Mommy to an Angel baby as of September 7th, 2018 at 10 wks 👼 TTC Rainbow baby💛

Guys I posted recently asking for prayers because I had some mild spotting on the 30th.

Today out of no where I started bleeding after a workout.

I'm trying so hard to remain positive. But I am so so scared to have another miscarriage.

I feel so on edge with this pregnancy. The good thing is, I have no cramps. Besides constipation this morning, that went away.

God please don't let us lose our rainbow 🌈🙏

Has anyone had bleeding like this an everything worked out?

I literally just made our first doctors appointment for December 8th. And now I'm dreading it, I don't want to hear the words "your baby is gone" again.

Below is pictures of the bleeding.

Today's update: first appointment was amazing! Had a pap smear and blood work done, 6 weeks and 3 days today. Unfortunately 3 hours after my appointment i started bleeding like as if I have my period. And passed a blood clot that was pretty big.

Please tell me one of you ladies has had bleeding like this and your baby was okay.

Next week the 12th is our ultrasound. I just hope and pray our baby will be there on the screen with a strong heartbeat 🙏😔

Just wanted to give everyone another update!

The 12th, I was so nervous to go to the ultrasound.

But there our baby was, with a heartbeat of 133bpm 😍 the tech said I do have a small bleed, which appears to be all old blood that should clear up. The babys measurements match up with my last menstrual cycle! I cried. I cried happy tears when she told me the heart rate.

I go back just before Christmas to meet with our doctor! 🙌🙏 Hopefully this continues to be our rainbow after the storm!