Pre eclampsia scare?-long post


Hi ladies- so last week I began having slight headaches very fatigued and nauseas on&off figured it was from thanksgiving but on Sunday 11/29 I decided to take my BP at the pharmacy (never had BP or any med issues this pregnancy, just figured to be safe) and my BP was 145/98. I was told to go to L&D where my BP was low there and labs came back fine. Today I went for my check up at my OB office, told her what happened Sunday, how I’ve been feeling, and she took my BP and the bottom number was 86. My protein in urine came back as 30mg/dl which idk what that means. She sent me back to L&D due to feeling like it was slightly high and thinking I’m “borderline becoming preeclamptic but catching it early.” I’m also told to monitor BP at home now and see her next week (I am 34 weeks this Saturday)

The hospital does the same routine and my BP was fine, they told me the BP at my OB seemed “perfect” and they sent me home to do a 24 hour urine. I am so confused because my OB thinks one thing and the hospital thinks I’m fine. Has this happened to anyone else? Could this be progressing into an issue or maybe I’m just having a bad week?!