hormone levels 9000 and just a Sac is visible

Hi everyone, 
​First pregnancy and it's already been an adventure at 6 weeks. Doc thinks I'm less than that but I'm going by my last period. For 2 1/2 weeks I cramped so bad that all I could do was cry. Finally got evaluated Monday afternoon by the OBGYN and was rushed to surgery that night for reasons he thought it was an ectopic pregnancy. After surgery it was confirmed I was still pregnant but had a sac full of fluid under my right ovary from a ruptured cyst, and that I had a bad case of Endometriosis. My hormone levels were 3000 and Thursday they rose to 9000 and a sac was visible in the uterus but nothing else. I go in next Thursday (9-25) for another vaginal ultrasound to see if there is something else there. Praying for great results since my levels are rising and that no miscarriage is in the works. It may just be twins according to the doc since my husband is a twin!!!