So in October I started talking to a new guy, about around the same I reconnected with my ex baby daddy (I had a miscarriage last year.)

I never slept with the new guy but I had told him how I reconnected with an old friend, so he knew i was keeping my options open, & knew about me having a miscarriage.

I just found out I’m about 6-7 weeks pregnant & my ex baby daddy doesn’t want to be a part of this. My “ex” baby daddy is the ONLY one who knows I’m pregnant. The new guy told me yesterday that he wants to see me (I’m currently out of the country) bc he wants to ask me to be his girlfriend in person & talk about a future with me.

I honestly do want to tell him that I’m pregnant but how? When?.

I huge part of me wants to be his girlfriend, I feel butterflies to think someone sees me as their person.

I feel like him being the person he is, will understand bc he’s a father of 2 toddlers, but I also think like what if he gets upset & he won’t want me to be his girlfriend...