Belly touching/ kissing


Last night my mother in law had a few glasses of wine and wanted to kiss and talk to the baby in my belly. I told her no, first her lips were stained red and second I’m just not comfortable with someone’s face and lips on my belly. I saw her do it when my sister in law was pregnant and it freaked me out. Now I feel like I have a little guilt. I know she’s very excited about this pregnancy and she wants the baby to know her voice. I’m 25 weeks pregnant I’m not someone who really likes to be touched a lot but my doctor told me to set boundaries with her especially during Covid. She’s already been exposed and been around me touching my belly. Does anyone else feel guilty about saying no to family? For some reason I’m even nervous about her being too affectionate with the baby when she gets here. I should be happy she already loves this baby so much but sometimes I really wanna tell her to back off. Am I a terrible person?!?!?