Was I pregnant before I got on BC ???

Jadaa🌸 • Momma to be 🤍🪶🧿

So I was supposed to start my period on December 4th but never started. Okay that’s normal for me to be 2-3 days late sometimes but a week went pass and still no period. At the time I wasn’t thinking I was pregnant so I decided to get on the BC patch( xulane ) and I was tested negative for pregnancy test. I was on it for a week and didn’t like it because I started thinking I was pregnant so I got off it on December 18th. I wasn’t cramping before I got on BC but 20 mins after I got on it I cramped for like 10 mins and then went away for 2 days. Starting the 16th I have been having on and off cramps and I keep thinking I’m about to start but still nothing. Oh and I have been having really strong pee. It’s so yellow and I can drink a lot of water and it won’t go away. I NEED HELP!!!! I DONT KNOW WHATS GOING ON WITH MY BODY!!!!

This isn’t normal for me.I’m 18 days late today.