apologize in advance if this is long

or tmi!

I started birthcontrol pills when i was 16 i am

now 22, when i turned 19 i switched to the

depo shot and never once had a period while

on the shot. i did spot one time beacuse i was

late on recieving the shot on time. my most

recent shot was due july 30th and i never did

go get the shot because i decided i wanted to

start trying baby #1 :) I stil have not had a

period yet but have been having sore boobs

espically the right one, and my boyfriend has

been telling my there getting bigger and bigger

and believe me he would know, moderate

cramping when i wake up in the mornings

some mornings i am super nauseaus and cant

eat even if my stomach is growling. ive had no

spotting or sign of a period and i dont want to

take a test if it is just the depo still wearing off

and get my hopes up. i tooka test about a

month ago and it was plain white no light line

or anything, ive never had a test pop up with

anything near positive before soim very

nervous i may not even be able to get

pregnant since taking b/c for so long. its just

very strange to me because my family is very

fertile and so is his family but were having

such a difficult time with it. the first 6 months

we were together was suring my trasition

frompill to shot and i wasnt on anything then

and stilldidnt get pregnant. im just super

confused!! just some responces for peace of

mind and maybe some good lucks thrown my

way may help. sorry for just going on and on

but like i said im super nervouys and not sure

where else to turnor who else to talk to about

this at this point.

thanks for reading my "rant"

sincerly sweetpea0722

ps baby dust everyones way!!!!!!