Comparing my relationship

I’m not one to compare my relationship to mine but recently I have found myself doing that so much.

My Bf and I never really went out to dinner and I just got used to it. We would just go to fast food restaurants. We went out maybe 3 times in our relationship and now since Covid hit we really don’t go out. We just do take out or drive through which is fine. I voiced that I would like to go out to dinner for our anniversary.

Now don’t get me wrong, my boyfriend is amazing. He treats me so good and spoils me in different ways. He’s always there for me, treats me with respect, is a gentlemen, carries my bags, will buy me treats and is so supportive of everything. He’s my best friend.

Recently my friend and her boyfriend have been going oht to dinner a lot and I found myself getting jealous. I wish my boyfriend would do that for me or take me out.

Now I don’t feel comfortable doing that right now due to Covid but when it’s over I did say I would want him to take me out which he had no problem doing and said he would love to. Idk I guess I just hate that I’m comparing our relationship (which is generally amazing) to others