More black barbies!

I keep getting told I’m pushing black people on my daughter (these people I’ve cut out but it still caused scars). My daughter loves black people, she thinks they are so beautiful, she doesn’t question herself or compare she just loves the way they look, when she watches her kids YouTube’s it’s always black kids she watches.

She asks if I can “fluff” her hair to make it look like theirs and as much as I want too I know she can’t have it because it won’t stay.

All her barbies are black but maybe a few white barbies, she loves the way braids look and wants them herself one day. She’s only 6, my mom came over one time and seen she had more black barbies, and seen the videos she watches; she didn’t get angry or anything but what she said hurt “she’s white don’t you think she should have white barbies; she’s gonna grow up thinking she’s black”😔.

I know my daughter will never have to question who she is, where she comes from and all that. My mom said my daughter will adapt to the AA culture and be teased, ridiculed and bullied because she’s white trying to be AA. I don’t feel that will happen, but it still hurt....

Should I stop letting her watch those videos, buying Black barbies?!??!?!. Am I setting her up to be bullied?! I just don’t know if what I’m doing is wrong.