So my fiancé and I have been ttc for 3 years next month. I have hypothyroidism, and have been trying to lose weight because getting pregnant at my weight is considered high risk. We stopped actively trying in January only because I was having infertility testing done and we decided to take a break while finding out the results. Everything came back normal. My progesterone was low 5dpo, at 4.4. Fast forward, AF was due yesterday. I hadn't had any symptoms but just randomly decided to take a test this morning. To my absolute surprise, I'M FINALLY PREGNANT!! 😭😭🥰❤️

I'm waiting for my OB to call tomorrow morning about going in to confirm pregnancy and check progesterone. But I'm so happy! This feels so unreal. I took way more tests than I needed to but I just can't believe it's finally my turn 😭💞