I feel pregnant but test says otherwise

I have been trying for a baby for over 4 months now and this cycle i noticed some intereating changes right after i ovulated!

It started out with my boobs being very tender and sore to touch mainly down the sides and nipple, a few days later i noticed small pimple like bumps around my nipple as well as my nipple colour had gone darker. I had also been feeling very tired and dizzy over these few days... so i decided to take a test at 12 dpo and it was negative. The next day my boobs were still tender and i was feeling rather emotional but decided to wait at least one more day to test. That afternoon i thought i was getting my period but it felt more like pressure not cramps but still no period. So morning of 14dpo i took another test that again was negative! I am due for my period tomorrow and i have had strange cramps that dont even really feel like cramps as they feel gentle, soft almost like a tingle and i still have all the previos symptoms i explained.

Im a bit worried and confused as this is my first time and have no clue but defenetly noticed the changes in my body!

Also i have a minor case of pcos and lost over 15kg to prepare for conception!