Any compromise ideas?

In my marriage I definitely crave physical touch, it’s a tie with words of affirmation as #1 for me.

So, for the last few months-a year, my husband has started sleeping out on the couch in the morning when our 2 year old crawls into our bed around 4/5am. I hate waking up alone, worrying about where he went, if he’s okay. At the time, I want him to be in bed so bad that it physically hurts me.

It also hurts because I wish we would cuddle or touch as we go to sleep. I guess he’s not much of a touchy person and usually sleeps with a pillow in between us & as far away from me as he can get on our king bed.

Anytime I ask him if he’s like to come back to bed or cuddle, he can get very angry with me and is rude, that hurts as well.

Is there any way we can compromise so that it seems fair? At this point, it feels like I’m just trying to keep the peace and hurting myself in the process.