Relationship problem

Sonni • 21☺️ | Educated 📓 U.S. Air Force | Gemini ♊️ |
So my boyfriend is convinced that all women are manipulators and its in our design and all things we do is to manipulate and get what we want. 
Just because he research it and found seemly legit things on it. I just need opinions. I need help convincing him or just letting him know that this is not true. Women can manipulate yes. Just as any man or animal. Just like when I dog wants a treat and do that puppy dog pout. But women express genuine feelings and portray genuine actions. Everything isn't always for us. Women can be very selfless and open hearted. Women have vandictive sides.. Just like anyone. Like they say an elephant never forgets. Ladies I need your help. What do you say about this?