Posting here cause no natural minded Moms group I see but here


I called my local hospital with a few questions just out of curiosity about labor and delivery & wasn’t surprised but definitely disappointed on how uneducated they are. Not just about vaccines but birth in general. They treat everything like a medical procedure it’s so ridiculous. They can’t delay cord clamping longer than 5 min at best because “there are things that need to be done” LMAO!!! Things that can freaking wait for a healthy newborn!! Can’t allow natural delivery of placenta the way God made it because “control of bleeding” um like really?? You could cause hemorrhage by forcing the placenta out!! I know they are given a script to say these things to hide the real reasons. They won’t even do a rapid GBS test while you’re in labor cause “once you’re positive, you’re positive” Guess they never heard of the status changing. You could literally be positive one day and negative the next and vice versa. What if you tested negative & then were positive while giving birth, but since they don’t re test, you just possibly transmitted a possible deadly infection to your newborn? I know they make big money of baby’s stem cells/cords. That’s why they clamp it so early. That’s the rush. I’m having a home water birth btw. I just wanted to call them to see what they’d say. I’m even more happy with my decision to birth in peace now where all my wishes will be met & respected by my midwife. A real midwife. OB’s seriously need to stop calling themselves midwives too.