4 yr old ignoring everyone/attitude

Shelby • PCOS Warrior!

My 4.5 year old step daughter has been ignoring people when they talk to her. for example today her grandma was trying to tell her that she moved all the toys to another room and she had to try to get her attention 4 times and every time my step daughter kept saying “i know” with attitude but was not listening. Another example is last time in the bath as she was washing her hair I tried helping her and letting her know she didnt have shampoo on the top of her head ( she likes to do it herself ) and she said “i know” with attitude and then wasn’t listening to put soap on her head then she was mad because she couldn’t get her hair washed but didnt want help. She basically just has an attitude every day and I’ve tried telling her shes being rude and its not nice to be rude but she just gets a bigger attitude. I don’t talk/ help her if shes being rude. Is this just a toddler thing? How do I get her to stop having such an attitude all of the time? I get it if she has one sometimes cus shes 4 but every day all day long? its getting old.. Any advice? 😁