Broke up with my boyfriend :( *long*

So I was with him for a year a couple of months and this was the longest relationship I’ve ever been in. He was super nice and sweet and caring and respectful but his family was the problem for me. Specifically his dad. About a month in we still hadn’t gone on an actual date. We were always with friends or his family and he was never allowed to go out with me alone for a while (I was 18 he was 20 at the time). About five months in we went on an actual date but his dad was mad that he didn’t get invited(???). Our first fight happened about a month ago. I wasn’t allowed to see him until I got a covid test because his dad wouldn’t let him out of the house to see me unless I tested negative. Backstory: I was working that precious Sunday at a restaurant where one of my co workers from 9-11am o clock got called and tested positive for COVID. My manager came in at 10:30 and was exposed and left when my other manager came in at 12. I came into work at 3 and worked with manager #2 and then two more people came in after me. I wasn’t directly exposed but I took precautions and told my ex I couldn’t see him till six days afterward just to make sure I wasn’t Positive or had symptoms. No symptoms (and I’m immunocompromised) so I said I’m good! His dad said no to his son seeing me (he’s now 21) and said I had to get tested. The next day I got rapid covid tested and ten min later tested negative. His dad STILL said no to me seeing his son and said “you have to wait two more weeks.” And I waited two more weeks. I saw him two days ago for 3 hours for the first time in a month. Went fine and then I was gonna see him yesterday. His dad said no cause he doesn’t trust me that I will keep his son safe from covid. His dad then said why don’t you come to lunch with us at 3:30. I have a nursing class at 3:30-4:30 so I said I couldn’t go.So I was like why invite me to lunch and let me see your son but say I can’t see him at all??? Made zero sense to me. If his dad is so worried about me working in a restaurant why SAY LETS GO MEET UP AT A RESTAURANT! I talked it over with my now ex and he said I can see you tomorrow (today rn) as long as we social distance in the park and not go to either of our houses. I said sure I’ll see ya tomorrow (today). Today comes around and he calls me saying “I can’t see you today. My dad says he doesn’t trust me or you to hangout together alone”. At this point I am absolutely crushed. His dad then SAYS “you can’t see her till she quits her job and until COVID is over which is probably four months from now. You will both be okay FaceTiming for 4 months” I said nope I can’t do this.l told him that I can’t do four months over the phone when we live ten minutes away from eachother. He started sobbing and then I started crying more and more and then he hung up on me and hasn’t talked to me since. I am absolutely crushed and sad and I don’t know what to do. Did I do the right thing? His dad is just so manipulative and cruel and imbedded hisself into our relationship.