I apologize now for the long post, but looking for advice on induction as I’m schedule for mine on Friday. The advice I’m looking for is at the end.

I originally was against inducing. My belief is the baby will come when he/she is ready. However, between my two pregnancies, this one has been so hard for me. I have been miserable the whole time. I have been in pain ever since the start of my second trimester. And starting at my third it has gotten a whole lot worse. And now being 39+4 today, I literally can’t walk the 5 feet to the bathroom without wincing in pain, can’t even lift my foot to put pants on. So my pain levels were the reason I had asked for the induction because I’m not sure i could handle much more without having a mental break down.

My fiancé and I both had originally agreed to only if medically necessary. However, we see my pain levels as a means to intervene because it’s getting to where I’m crying because it hurts so bad. Not only that but I’m in so much pain all the time I couldn’t tell you if I was in labor or not because the pain is constant and always at a 7 at the minimum.

I’m 39+4 today, with no sign of labor starting anytime on it’s own. I’m just barely 2cm dilated. And my cervix is still kinda high. For them to check my cervix today it literally felt like she was elbow deep.

As far as induction advice goes, I’m really looking for what to expect. I’m so terrified of getting induced I just want to be prepared.