Giving up puppy when pregnant

I know nobody can make a decision for me but I wondered if anyone had any experience in a similar situation...
We have a puppy who's 13 week old who every day since we've had her I have felt as though I am going insane: before and after work, keeping her constantly entertained, cleaning up after her, jumping up, biting,  toileting in the house and not seeming to learn to go outside despite us both having trained other puppies successfully before. It's like having a newborn in some ways as you have to constantly keep an eye on them and keep them
Entertained. I feel like pulling my hair out everyday and we are considering asking hubbys parents (dog people) to have her as the stress is really getting to me and isn't good for me or the baby. I know the reaction to the situation is partly hormonal and I can't stop crying st the thought of how much I'll miss her but also can't stop thinking how much happier ild be if I wasn't looking after her. Also, I can't stop thinking about how much work my newborn will be in April and don't think it'd cope looking after a newborn plus a puppy. 
Sorry everyone I know decisions can't be made for me but just hcelt as though getting it down could be helpful .