Family rant

Jessica • TTC#1 been married 6 yrs been with my husband 9 yrs. Have 2 dogs I call my boys we been trying since October 2015. And I am praying I can give news to everyone on Christmas that we succeed.

So I was at my mom's side of the family yesterday celebrating Thanksgiving and the topic of when are we getting pregnant came up .

I said I'll know in 2 wks ( u know the 2 wk wait) and they started yelling and saying what u mean 2 wks it only takes 1 time . Why don't u have sex for 30 days straight.


It's so annoying how everyone in my family had no problems getting pregnant but it is not as easy for us to get pregnant. I am just keeping hope, and praying for a miracle and grace that this is our time and month to get a blessing.