Csection Advice !!!

I NEED ADVICE PLEASE !!! But their is a request I make ? Please don't judge me of my health. I know we all are grown ups and we have issues but please considerate TIA. So I am a 31 yr old femalw that has always had  a overweight body type since I was 16. It hasn't been easy not being able to be A normal size female. I still love myself and eat healthy no matter what. Anyhow my husband  and I had tried for about 5 years to get pregnant. Well god blessed us this year to be pregnant in May. I have been so thankful everyday for this beautiful blessing. So I am a diabetic and I had lost 80 lbs from dec 2013-nov 2014 on my own clean eating and lots of exercise. So I know I can lose weight with no excuses. So I have gained about 65 lbs since I have been pregnat. I weigh about 468 lbs right now. I have been watching what I eat due to my diabeties. Now I do have my cravings here and there but with limitation. I have been fighting with my sugars and so far they have been very good just my morning fasting I have fought with. They are not to bad just not more than 110. Now I have the best OBGYN who is watching out for me to have the safiest birth plan for my baby girl and me. Now I am 34+4 weeks pregnant right now. I will NOT go full term due to diabeties and my weight. My dr would like for me to a vaginal birth but he is worried about what if baby gets stressed out and doesnt want to come out and have to be rushed to get a C-Section. So his advice for our safety is csection. I am terrified of the recovery part. I have had a small incision from a laparscopy and it was painful. I don't do well with pain. We live with out inlaws and my mom  and brother will be with me to help me . As well my husbands family. I have no family here so living out of state from family is not easy at all. Can you give me advice??? Should I try to do naturally or csection.  I am ready to face recovery for csection  but I am scared. I am ready to get back to my weightloss wagon. Thank you .