hi all. so here's my story..15days ago I got what I thought was my not so normal period. 3days later I broke out it hives. I have never had them before and tried to push them off as stress due to my mother-in-law passing and me taking my real estate exam(to which I passed!) but the hives kept getting worse. I finally went to urgent care 5 days later(day 8 of bleeding)to have them looked at and before giving me steroids for them they made me take a pregnancy test due to my irregular period and since we were actively trying. the test came back positive. I panicked knowing the bleeding wasn't right but the dr said not to worry and get the blood work first. 2 tests later they found the numbers were dropping. I was devastated. we have only been trying for 3 months and have a 3 yr old but I wanted this baby so bad. but to make things worse, as I said, today I am on day 15 of bleeding and still have the hives also. has anyone else experienced this? dr says since I didn't have any pain I could bleed up to 6 wks which is jus a very cruel way for your body to deal w this if you ask me. but also does anyone think my hives could be due to this miscarriage? have you had it happen? I feel so alone through this then to add the itchiness and bleeding is just a painful reminder everyday.