The reason my doctor has been MIA

my friend is struggling to find a good gyno like she has really bad hormonal issues and just gets told “you have PCOS” without actually being tested for it or anything else so I sent her my gynecologist. It was the weirdest thing when she told me “hes not taking any new patients right now.”

And I was shook. I really hyped him, I was like you need to see my doctor he’s awesome. He has always told me that i should tell people I’ve had a good experience with him/leave a positive review because every time I am there I have a positive experience not just with him but all the staff and I tell them that. That doctor has personally been the reason for my PCOS success story.

So when I saw him again I asked him why he wasn’t taking any new patients.

So this is me.

Laying on the table ready for my pap just chillin while he is doing his job like I personally don’t care, Pap smears don’t hurt for me.

I’m just like get this over with. I told him “I sent a friend to you but she said you are not taking any new patients.” And he said “well, I will be taking in new patients in March. But, yes. Usually I am always taking new patients but my wife and I had a baby.

Me: *pops my head up and makes eye contact WHILE HE HAS A SPECULUM IN MY VAGINA*

“A BAAABBYYYY! Congratulations!” *the irony here is unreal. Think about it.*

He said “yes, but unfortunately my wife had her at only 24 weeks gestation.”

Pops my head up again “OH NO, is she okay?”

Him: “she wasn’t at first. It was really hard.”

I said “yeah she’s a little fighter. A micro preemie.”

He said “yes exactly a micro preemie. She fought though and she was in the nicu for months, but she’s home now. My wife and I take turns working 2 days at a time and then taking care of her 2 days at a time (they’re both OBGYN’s and run the office together). So I’ve been a little busy, but thank you for telling your friend about me. Make sure to tell her ‘March’

And I laid my head back down and I was just like “oh my gosh. 24 weeks is so small. That’s right at viability. Shell be a fighter her whole life you know.” And he said “she definitely is. She was so small she fit in my palm.” And I was like 🥺

This whole conversation was being had while I had a Pap smear and annul exam and a breast exam. The odd things that happen when you’re 100% comfortable with your gynecologist lol.

But I went and told my friend later like hold on for him because he’s great, he just had a preemie baby and has been taking care of her with his wife and it’s been hard. So, March.-also think about how hard that would be, DURING a pandemic. Having an extremely tiny and fragile baby in the middle of a global pandemic while you and your spouse work in healthcare

I have never heard a more legitimate reason for a doctor to go MIA and only see his known patients