Swelling, elevated BP, numb face, headache

Before anyone says "go to the doctor" read the entire post.

-I'm currently 36+6 with my second child.

-I had a doctor's appointment on 2/18 I weighed in at 179 (I started at 137). I mentioned to my doctor about on going swelling that was now bringing pain and discomfort. Doctor checked me over and wasn't too concerned since on that date it was a minor complaint and minor swelling. I received my tdap and he had me schedule an appointment 2 weeks out. (The scheduler though scheduled me 3 weeks out for 3/8).

-on 2/19 while laying in bed my right arm, elbow down became swollen. It was nothing drastic, but it was more than uncomfortable. I was able to get the swelling to diminish.

-2/21 around 10 am I started exercising swelling in my right ankle and foot that was extremely painful along with swelling again in my right arm from the elbow down when I was laying down. I called the nurse line (24 hour nurse line for medical advice on where and when to be treated) they told me to go into urgent care within the next 24 hours.

-2/22 at 12am (I work noc shift) I started experiencing swelling and pain in my lower right leg and foot, and elbow down on my right arm. I then also recieved a headache and left work around 0230. By 0310 I was crying in pain from my headache.

-2/22 at 1115am I had an appointment with the ob that saw me during my first pregnancy since my current ob was out of the office. She noted the swelling, my headache that still persisted. At thus appointment I had an elevated blood pressure reading (for me not a clinical high bp) and ordered urine and blood tests for preeclampsia. (Weighed in at 181lb)

-2/22 430pm recieved negative test for preeclampsia still in pain, still swelling, still had headache.

-2/23 I have been in so much discomfort I've remained in bed. It hurts to walk, roll over in bed, sit up. My right arm elbow down is the most swollen it's ever been, I've been drinking water continuously, urinating fine, and got up from bed around 1030am attempted to sit in recliner, felt dizzy and portions of face felt numb. Returned to bed and numbness in face still present as of 1120am.

I'm wondering on what to do since everything continues to come back normal, yet my symptoms continue to worsen over time.